Room Addition Los Angeles

It shouldn’t be a challenge to add a room to your home. Reliable Remodeling is Los Angeles specialists in Room Addition Los Angeles no matter how tricky the addition can be. Our designers work with you to design the new living space you wanted with no compromise. Whether it’s a new kid’s room or a luxury lounge, we are the go-to company for your room additions.

First, our design team works very closely with you to make certain that your new room addition blends with your existing home design mode. From the exterior, decor, to even linking hallways, we pay attention to small detail. We give a hand by providing you unsurpassed design and unrivaled construction to build-in as many new rooms as you need. We will deliver work of the utmost quality effort and change your house into your dream home.

Over the last 10 years, we have grown into a premier design-build company in Los Angeles. Our designers are some of the most experienced locally and our construction management team and crews have the expertise to deliver outstanding Room Addition Los Angeles. We can build any type of new Room Addition Los Angeles you can dream of.

It doesn’t matter why you want your room addition. You want it to be amazing and skillfully built. One of our design strengths is that we work hard with your design ideas and make them work together. We also make sure that the finished construction is not only the best value but blends into your decor and improves your home. As a top end design-build contractor, Reliable Remodeling takes your ideas, completes the design and builds your new room any way you like it. We emphasize this because if you are going to have an addition built, why settle for anything? Build it your way.

Room Addition in Los Angeles

We work hard to take any of the usual aggravations out of the building process. When you leave everything up to us, we take full responsibility for the project. We represent your interests for the home addition project. We deal with the specialty sub-contractors that we hire. We coordinate suppliers and our own craftsmen that are needed to complete the project. We have cultivated the best craftsmen in the Los Angeles area. This means the quality of work will always be the highest standard.

Reliable Remodeling takes care of everything project related. Our professional remodeling teams will take care of building the structure. We install the flooring and do all electrical and plumbing work needed. We finish all the interior decor to your specifications. We install doors and windows. We take care of every detail.

House Addition Cost

In  Los Angeles, there are many local factors that determine the cost of your new Room Addition Los Angeles. The material costs that are used and the type of room and decor you are adding and even location for permitting and inspections costs can vary. Obviously, a luxury bathroom is more pricey than a bedroom due to the cost of the luxury bathroom fixtures. We offer very sensible prices for room additions. Our professional team will discuss the project costs with you in detail. We propose the ideal solutions to suit your budget and get your project done.

Call Reliable Remodeling. We will make your dream of a room addition a reality.


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